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Upcoming Dr. Javdat Karimov

Dr. Javdat Karimov

Heart Rate Variability as an Assessment Tool

Dr. Javdat Karimov is an MD from Russia and an NMD or naturopathic physician in the United States, and has experience working with many diverse types of patients. Dr. Javdat Karimov has been investigating the research out of Russia and has found many connections between Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and the physiology of many systems of the body as well as the connections to Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.


Mike BroadwellCreator of Living Energy Day, Theragem TrainerMike has spent the last decade working to promote holistic health and energy work, via collaborative events and summits such as Living Energy Secrets and Living Energy Workshops, and assists holistic practitioners and specialists to promote their work online.

Upcoming Cyril Bourke

Cyril Bourke

From Toxic Therapy to Healthy Informational Therapy

CEO of NES Health Australia & New Zealand, Cyril spent 8 years in clinical application of Bio-feedback. He's a professional engineer, designer and researcher who began his career in the UK with IBM.


Angela WrightCo-Founder of Mintycoco and Get Your Boom! BackFrom a farming family, most interested in holistic health, Angela Wright uses her life's work to positively showcase how to live like it's heaven on earth, here and now. Her mission is to change the world before lunchtime with health wisdom and products that enable more of us to live better.