Dr. Daniel Beilin

The Role of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems in Disease

Dr. Dan Beilin has been practicing Integrative Medicine for 33 years . After taking some 40 trips to German clinics and hospitals, he now lectures on early detection of cancers, lyme disease and finding focal causes of many illnesses with the FDA-cleared Regulation Thermography device called the AlfaSight 9000. By integrating laboratory reports, patient histories and digitally analyzed thermograms, Dr. Beilin teaches doctors worldwide how to educate themselves regarding the deeper aspects of disease causation and solutions to clear disorders from the bottom up.


Angela WrightCo-Founder of Mintycoco and Get Your Boom! BackFrom a farming family, most interested in holistic health, Angela Wright uses her life's work to positively showcase how to live like it's heaven on earth, here and now. Her mission is to change the world before lunchtime with health wisdom and products that enable more of us to live better.

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