24 Hour Live Stream Event on the Winter Solstice

Discover the latest in energy based and holistic healing during this live 24 hour round-the-world video stream marathon. Each hour will feature practitioners and specialists who are  pushing the boundaries of conventional healing. Drawing on ancient wisdom and modern technology, we can find better solutions to alleviate suffering and bring about health and happiness. 

The industrialized approach to healthcare in the Western world is failing. Costs are rising while services are shuttered. People want more than to “function,” they want to thrive. Even medical textbooks are being updated to account for the psycho-somatic or “mind-body” aspect of healing. The writing is on the wall. We’re going to have to take our health into our own hands.  

Each of us has a God given right to our own bodies and to decide how we take care of them. Without knowledge of the choices available to us, our freedom is limited. By discovering the bountiful array of tools and techniques being used all around us, we open up a whole new world of possibilities. 

Living Energy Day is a fun and informal way to share this knowledge with people all around the world.  The 24 hour “marathon” is a unique event that drives awareness, and the material is archived for future reference, available for free for years to come. We schedule our guests and interviewers around the time schedule that is convenient for them, and move around the clock along with the sun. 

Living Energy Day is not designed to “pitch” or sell anything. We ask our guests to bring insight and value by sharing the work they are doing, with real-world examples and case studies. It’s fine to share a website for people to follow up, but this is not a commercial event. All the work on this event is done by volunteers, and any funding from sponsors will be used for technical and promotional expenses. 

We’re moving into a new year, leaving behind one of the most trying years in living memory. Our theme will be around developing resilience, adaptability and courage facing an uncertain future. We want to learn how your work can help us do that.

This is a busy time of year with the holidays, so we’re not looking for you to commit a lot of time. These interviews aren’t meant to require a lot of preparation and time, but simply for you to show up and share your work and upcoming plans in a relaxed and comfortable setting. 

With the travel restrictions in place, there will be a lot more people looking for interesting things to do from home. There won’t be a better time to get their time and attention and bring some positive energy. 

Event Details

The event will begin at 12pm Eastern Standard Time on December 20th and run for 24 hours. The Summer solstice occurs at 8:30 amEST on December 21st. We’ll follow the sun around the globe, starting in Europe and the UK and moving west, through the Americas then the Asia Pacific region and back around. We schedule guests and interviewers on the hour. 

Interview Details

Each interview will start on the hour, and run for 50 minutes. The format will be informal and conversational, designed to let the audience learn about the work the guest is doing. We encourage both the interview host and guest to share their website, or a particular place where people can learn more. There is no product pitching or sales involved.


As you can imagine, the logistics of running such an event around the clock in different time zones can be daunting.  We ask each participant to keep track of their interview time, and to verify it against the official schedule that is posted. We will connect you with your interviewer ahead of time so you can get on the same page.

Participant Information

If you have been invited to appear as a guest or an interview host on Living Energy Day, please use our online scheduling calendar to list all the times you are available to participate during this event. We will only choose one (or possibly more for interview hosts who are available), but the flexibility makes scheduling much easier.