Operator Guidelines

Instructions for LED Operators

Once the event goes live, you will be able to join the Zoom meeting Please come in no later than 10 minutes before your shift begins. You will not disturb anything, but will be in the Zoom “waiting room” at that point. The current operator will add you in when ready. Make sure you can hear the webinar and see it properly when you first join.



NEVER under any circumstances click the End Webinar button

or leave the webinar while you are the only Operator.

If you do either of the above it will shut down the webinar. If you do this by mistake, just restart it with my login.

Two Zoom meetings have been set up to cover the full 24 hours. The first is for Sunday (EST) and the next for Monday, changing over at midnight.

At 10 minutes before the hour, be ready to step in to close out the current interview if they aren’t wrapping up. Two or three minutes over is OK, after that, go in and tell them we need to wrap up and ask for a final word. Make sure we have at least 5 minutes before the next hour. Make friendly chat between the outgoing and incoming participants.

  1. Stop the Zoom recording at the end of the interview. Don’t restart it until the top of the hour when the next one is starting.
  2. Stop the Facebook Live Stream at the end of the interview, then go in and restart it right away. It’s OK to have it running during this time. It takes 2 or 3 minutes so we want it ready to go.
  3. Make sure all parties have properly working microphones and cameras and prepare to start the interview at the top of the hour.
  4. Right before starting the next interview, turnON the Zoom Recording.  
  5. At the end of the interview, turn OFFZoom Recording
  6. You don’t need to assign anyone as the Host other than the Operator who follows you. Interview Hosts and Guests will be regular Zoom participants. 
  7. After you have turned over host status to the Operator following you, it’s fine to click the Leave Webinar button which will only remove you from the event.
  8. If for some emergency reason you have to leave before the next operator is available, then make the incoming interview host the new host and just leave the FB Live Stream going. If the interview host knows how to start and stop the recording, you can have them do that. Make sure they hand off to the next host in the same manner, until the new Operator arrives. 
  9. If a host or guest doesn’t show up, then step in and take one of the roles. Or if the one person there can carry the event alone for the 50 minutes, let them do it. We want to keep the show going. If the host only shows, and hasn’t been interviewed, then interview them. If no one shows, take over and fill the time!

Facebook Live Stream

1. Choose Stream Live to Facebook from the Zoom (…) menu.

2. Select Stream to a Page You Manage and then select LivingEnergyDay then NEXT

3. Once the next page appears make a title with the interview subject’s name. Then from the Group field choose Living Energy Day Sacred Space. (you may have to type this in that box)

4. Hit the Go Live button

Living Energy Day is not designed to “pitch” or sell anything. We ask our guests to bring insight and value by sharing the work they are doing, with real-world examples and case studies. It’s fine to share a website for people to follow up, but this is not a commercial event. All the work on this event is done by volunteers, and any funding from sponsors will be used for technical and promotional expenses. 

Event Details

The event will begin at Noon Eastern Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, December 20th) and run for 25 hours. We’ll follow the sun around the globe, starting in North and South America and moving west, through the Asia Pacific region and back around into Europe. We will schedule guests and interviewers on the hour. 

Interview Details

Each interview will start on the hour, and run for 50 minutes. The format will be informal and informational, designed to let the audience learn about the work you are doing. We encourage you to share your website, or a particular place where people can learn more.  There is no product pitching or sales involved.


As you can imagine, the logistics of running such an event around the clock in different time zones can be daunting.  We ask each guest to keep track of their speaking time, and to verify it against the official schedule that will be posted.