Steven Ross

Natural Healing Energies in Color, Magnetism and Sound

Co-founder of the World Research Foundation, Steven has been in the health field for nearly 40 years. WRF gathers health information from around the world providing complementary and holistic approaches for more than 300 diseases and illnesses. Maintaining a library of nearly 20,000 books dating to the 1400s, its Advisory Board has included the Chairman of the Nobel Assembly, German representative to NATO in charge of 13 Military Hospitals and more than 30 other prestigious institutions. Steven has spoken on more than 250 radio programs, 5 television programs and presented more than 200 lectures. He has consulted for ABC, NBC, CBS and the BBC.


Mike BroadwellCreator of Living Energy Day, Theragem TrainerMike has spent the last decade working to promote holistic health and energy work, via collaborative events and summits such as Living Energy Secrets and Living Energy Workshops, and assists holistic practitioners and specialists to promote their work online.

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