20 Helena Summer

Helena Summer

Energy and Relationships

Helena Summer is the founder of the ‘LivDelicious’ lifestyle movement.She lived through a war and became a nun at 15, committing to a life of celibacy, simplicity, and poverty.Her first romance was an arranged marriage to a former priest. Helena was married and divorced (twice) before her first date.Drawing on her Croatian Grandmothers wisdom and her own experience of living in two different worlds, Helena passionately champions authentic love and organic attraction.


Gary WilliamsBroadcaster and Specialist in Tapping for RelationshipsGary Williams has been involved with energy therapy for over a decade and has created a loyal following with his EFT Tapping Hub Resource that includes some of the leading lights from the world of EFT Tapping. He has interviewed the founder Gary Craig, Carol Look, Fred Gallo and many more...

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15 David Snoad

David Snoad

Heartbreak as a Medical Condition, and the Spiritual Side of Healing

David began working with  EAV (electroacupuncture according as of Dr. Voll) and bio-resonance, then later Informational Medicine (Radionics). A big turn came with his visit (along with his wife Carla) to the healer John of God (João de Deus) in Abadiania in Brazil. This and the encounters with other therapists, who also increasingly take into account the spiritual side of healing and its possibilities have influenced his way now and his future.


Catharina JansmaCEO of Medica Health InternationalCatharina is head trainer for Theragem Crystal Light Fusion therapy and the Assemblage Point Reconnection. She has taught in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and Central America. Catharina is initiated into the heart centered Central and South American shamanic traditions, a TCM practitioner, Tai Chi teacher, and DARE practitioner. 

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